AI changing the IT Services landscape in India

Artificial Intelligence in Current Scenario In software Development
Sometimes the reality hits you hard and the human beings, who consider themselves superior to others, retain their superior position by upgrading themselves. This is not a bad dream but a reality which the software developers have had to face since the last two years. The low-level programmers are especially at risk and not everyone could upgrade himself.

How AI has affected lower level IT programmers
Till now, coding was a job which was the domain of the coders. The requirement of the coders for various software companies till 2014 was not very stringent. Till then, the coding had to be done within a given framework as decided by the business analyst or the software architect from the requirement analysis. Once the requirement analysis, the parameters, the platforms on which the project had to work, the method of testing or debugging had been selected, the programmer’s role became clearer and well defined. Now the programmers job was to create and then debug codes within the defined parameters. So, it was not always essential that the programmer had to be very highly educated in the field of mathematics or probability, statistics or higher mathematics like calculus or integration. He was given a definite set of rules and aims which had to be adhered to when the program was run, and the prime requisite was logic while doing the coding staff.

Modern Times
Cutting back to current days that is in 2017-18 FY, the universe of software development has changed considerably. The fields of qualification for the coders have changed drastically. For large software development companies, programmers with ability of writing properly only blocks of code within a specified framework are no more important enough because that repetitive job has been taken over by deep learning and artificial intelligent code writing software used in tandem with python for its readymade libraries or Java or C++ for its ability to talk directly with the hardware or LISP for its prototyping and symbolic encoding advantage .

How AI does the job of coders?
Coding a group of software used in same type of end application and where the basic rules are same e.g. say accounting or educational software or face recognition, voice recognition, handwriting recognition or customer relation CRM software is being steadily taking over by the available Deep Learning software. Here basically, the program is given a small data set as tags as its basic reference or basic definition of the object for which the program is meant. Along with it using mathematical function, probabilities, calculus, integral the program is coded to gather more data for the object which is similar to the tag of the original program. The data gathering iteration goes on and on and the definition of the object gets more exhaustive, more accurate and more responsive to any type of circumstances. For a human coder, this is simply beyond his scope because he can code the What If for a defined finite number of Ifs and Buts. But in case of Deep Learning In AI, the problems or decision-making situations are almost infinite (gathered every second from newer circumstances) and so are the solutions for it, which makes the program vastly accurate or responsive in any type of environment or OS. After the coding part comes the debugging part of the software. Here also AI (artificial intelligence) is taking over. Instead of the programmer or the coder manually poring tediously over each line, millions of lines are checked within seconds by the AI based debugger to search for any discrepancies and rectify that if possible. Some bugs are common (syntax error, improper looping) and this is routinely checked by the AI based debuggers and the solution offered.

Problem of Medium, and Low Level Coders due to advent of AI
India is a hotbed of IT development and services and there have been thousands of coders who were not so skilled theoretically but got great jobs in software development because they had pretty good logical reasoning ability and could find solution to a given set of problems. However, the low-level coding (that which is almost same in a given field and requires little modification for different enterprises for their custom-built solutions) is now handled by the AI based software.

What Existing Coders Can Do In The Changing Landscape of AI in IT Services
So either existing IT staff have to reskill themselves for new fields such as big data, data analytics, IoT (Internet of things), maintenance of servers, Learning ML (Machine Learning) and Deep Learning and be proficient in fields like probability, statistics calculus, integral or they may try to downgrade themselves in terms of huge salary they got till now while working in Infosys , TCS, Cognizant, HCL , Wipro and try their hand at offering independent solutions to smaller clients who still need to manually code and maintain the design of their website , or want a smaller accounting package for their smaller concern which does not merit the cost involved in acquiring the big data or solution provided by a huge multinational software provider . These type of jobs are aplenty still now and the existing coders , who have till now written thousand of lines of code painstakingly and then debugged it and then put it through rigorous tests and then suddenly find themselves literally thrown out owing to Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning , can provide their services in fields where they are proficient via different freelancing websites or personal channels and earn handsome fees.

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