The world has moved forward from the classic Software Development Life Cycle into more agile, immediate solutions that are ready for production. At Sift, our teams are trained to be AGILE with immense focus on DevOps. Our bespoke process has been developed with a combined experience of more than 40+ years from our founding team in the software and IT sectors. Development, Testing, QA and Production occurs seamlessly at Sift. Every module that is pushed into development goes through a rigorous analysis from our business analysis to ensure that there’s no requirement for reworks in the business logic or the requirement definition. Once into development, each module is developed and tested in parallel before being sent for quality assurance. All these processes are streamlined to a point where we are able to present the final solution with little to no requirement of intermediate “Team meetings” or “Client Interaction”

Once the problem statement is presented to us, and once the solution is signed off on our customer end, our DevOps engine works like a well oiled machine churning out the required solution with zero reworks. Apart from this, we try to keep the maintenance cost of the solution to a bare minimum, and sometimes the maintenance is usually handed over to a inhouse resource due to the simplicity of our design and the sophistication of automation involved.

Our team has accomplished many feats in the this field with every one of our core members being certified for Dev Ops Practices. This, indeed reflects in the way that solutions are delivered to our customers over the years.