Industry Focus : Healthcare

The Issue : Hiring of Medical Professionals within the right salary bracket.​

The Solution : This cross industry solution amalgamating both healthcare and HR required us to create a self expanding data warehouse helping our client find the right medical professional at the assigned hiring budget.​

The  Summary : Hiring in healthcare is a very sensitive, time intensive process due to the amount of compliance, background checks and other formalities involved. Our client was finding it difficult to match hiring timelines through legacy software and platforms due to the large amount of paperwork involved.​

The Result : Rather than hiring an outsourced HR management team and spending a large amount of fees in head hunting and contract signing fees, our customer decided to take the smarter option of building a tool in house. Our consultants at SIFT started with a script that crawls websites and public information across the country to understand the salary requirements of various medical professionals, we added a buffer amount to factor in the cost of relocation, leaving a satisfactory work-space, cost of readmitting children into schools if any (etc.) into the algorithm. For the compliance and background checks, we created a tool that automatically sends E-Signing documents through a designated mail ID to the prospective hire. Combining these two processes with the data visualization of the prospective candidate, a single HR manager was now able to meeting hiring deadlines in under 2 weeks. The legacy process took over 6 months through prospecting, contacting, salary negotiation, physical document signing and verification to on boarding. Our next routine with this customer will involve further optimizing this process as the longest duration involved is in document verification, by using an OCR and Vision API tools through a machine learning algorithm, we are looking at bringing this process to under 1 week ensuring that high quality medical professionals are recruited at the given budget.