Machine Learning​

All the big names who have stepped into the world of Machine Learning and Deep learning have opened up a completely new perspective on computer science. These tech giants have created the tools and libraries to build many solutions for multiple industries. However, in our experience more than 95% of these tools and libraries are impractical in the context of small businesses. Many of our clients have already been using legacy systems which require multiple layers of rework to be integrated with this technology. In most cases, a single solution from any of these giants would not make the cut. At Sift, our experts work diligently to assemble a set of cross platform solutions, including some of our custom scripts and algorithms to present you with a working proof of concept. Once this proof of concept has achieved the required success metrics, we go on to understand your current infrastructure to flexibly integrate it with legacy systems.

We are very different from other solution providers out there who require customers to re-architect their entire data process to integrate Machine Learning or Data Analytics, our team is flexible to find the right solution without costing our customers in time and budget with regard to these upgradation and automation initiatives. 

Our motto is simple, if the cost of redoing the IT infrastructure and then adding automation is equal to the current cost of a non automated solution, the whole concept of using Machine Learning and moving workloads onto computers fails. Our objective is to ensure that we detect the inefficient workflows and processes and use a network of smart ML solutions to fit into your IT infrastructure rather than going about with a long duration contract that is unfeasible for both the customer as well as for the industry standards.