Why Choose SIFT Consultancy?



Our bespoke approach using a network of machine learning enhanced smart bots ensures operational cost effectiveness. Manual workflows are now a thing of the past with SIFT’s unparalleled expertise in this domain.



We’ve worked with multiple startups and enterprises to grow from a team size of five to just over a hundred. Our long term partnerships and affiliations ensure an assimilated IT team that is easily integrated into your organization.



Cost Effectiveness is one of our highest priorities. Our solutions architects have had a robust history of ensuring that the solution developed is indeed sharply focused on saving Op Ex.


Startup Focused

SIFT has a long standing history of working with startups right from their Series A stage to a point where they’ve gone IPO. Our flexible, friendly, dynamic and young team is well suited to fit into multiple roles, as required in a chaotic startup work environment.


Human to Human

Though our solutions involve a large magnitude of automation via AI and Machine Learning, our interactions with our clients and partners are human to human. We believe that the path toward creative solutions stems out of highly productive conversations. Our consultation sessions are more oriented toward surgical precision toward solving the problem at hand.