Data Analytics
And Integration

Data Analytics And Integration

We live in a world today where Data has become the latest asset class with the potential for exponential growth. Organizations all over the world have been accumulating data warehouses as key assets. One could say that data is the safest hedge-able asset in 2019, due it’s underlying ability to disrupt markets and provide an edge to businesses like never before.​

Sift builds data warehouses, analytics algorithms with reporting routines to ensure that key insights, predictions and hindsight’s are always at your fingertips to make better decisions every day.

The CXO’s of the 21st century have been increasingly reliant on data analytics over intuition. We believe that a combination of Data Analytics along with experienced intuition brings about some of the most powerful critical decisions for organizations.​

Data Analytics

Over the years, we have setup a transparent, accurate and timely data analytics practice for organizations by making their data do the work for them. Sift believes that Data is the new Money, in the same way that the fortune 500 companies of the world diversify and invest their money into new ventures to create more profit, Sift’s data analytics offerings allows your organization to diversify and invest your data to increase overall profitability, reach, performance and transparency of your information systems.

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